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Tonights Girlfriend Tanya Tate

SheÆs so close to me at all times, but yet so untouchable that itÆs all I can even think about. I did not hire my kidÆs nanny, my wife did. SheÆs way too hot, I would have never done thatà have her right in the house with us? SheÆs the ultimate British Nanny fantasy. SheÆs got this body, this accent, sheÆs fucking beautiful! I think about her even when IÆm having sex with my wife. I may actually have to fire her eventually, and itÆs terrible to say because sheÆs done nothing wrong. I donÆt want to fuck up my marriage, but I canÆt even role-play ôBritish Nannyö with my wife for obvious reasons, so thatÆs why IÆve called Tanya Tate. SheÆll be here any minute.